HYPNOSIS - A Return to the Past (paper)

A hypnosis fiction novel. A magical realism book. A novel of Magic or Realism? Or both? Find more!


This is the story of a famous hypnotist named Marcus Belling, who has a profound knowledge of the healing power of hypnosis.



Marcus Belling is a famous and charismatic hypnotist known for his successful “Past Life Regression” therapies. Handsome and an excellent communicator in front of the cameras, he quickly gains great popularity with the public.

One day, however, a new patient appears in his medical room who makes him feel uncomfortable: a mysterious woman called Anne Pauline Roux. From this first encounter, Anne Pauline begins a series of hypnosis sessions in order to discover the reasons behind her feelings of sadness and insecurity. She then realises, to her great astonishment, that when she is hypnotised, she is able to interact with people from her past lives and even communicate with them. Intrigued by this power, Anne Pauline also realises that she can interfere with the state of mind of her hypnotist, who begins to behave in a strange way which is unusual for his personality.

Suspicious that something is going on in those hypnosis sessions, Josef Salvaterra, Belling’s great professional rival, pursues Anne Pauline through the streets and gets a confession from her: that she possesses, without a doubt, an immense power over past lives when she is hypnotised! He presents her with a secret pact, which allows her to know everything that goes on in the famous hypnotist’s office. It is also through this agreement that Salvaterra will try to use Anne Pauline’s hidden power to promote himself personally and professionally. With the help of his spy of many years, Rolland Ulm, Salvaterra learns that Belling’s patient can modify events from the past.

The story then unfolds in different historical periods, in which Anne Pauline relives all her past lives again.

During the hypnosis sessions Anne Pauline also discovers, to her great surprise, that she has a past in common with Marcus Belling! Almost simultaneously, she learns about a past life theory by Josef Salvaterra called “The Vocation Theory” which explains how a person’s innate talent can develop over different past lives. Finally, she will also have the opportunity to travel to the Forgotten Island, inhabited only by seagulls, and a world that can only be accessed through hypnosis. Here, after receiving the Holy Feather of the Seagulls, she is led to question her conscience and her plans for revenge.


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