HYPNOSIS: A Return to the Past

HYPNOSIS: A Return to the Past

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A hypnosis fiction novel. A magical realism book. A novel of Magic or Realism? Or both? Find more!


This is the story of a famous hypnotist named Marcus Belling, who has a profound knowledge of the healing power of hypnosis.

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This is the story of a famous hypnotist named Marcus Belling, who has a profound knowledge of the healing power of hypnosis. With 20 years of professional experience, Belling seems to have a profound knowledge of practically all human circumstances. Or does he? In actual fact, is he about to find our that he knows nothing about the capabilities of the human mind and its ability to overcome obstacles?

As the story unfurls, young Anne Pauline Roux will walk into the hypnotist’s life, leading her to discover that she has the ability to interact with people from her past lives when she is hypnotized, and, by doing so, that she can change future events. Her power is a pure diamond that Josef Salvaterra, another hypnotist and a rival of Belling’s, will try to seize to gain social projection.

Hypnosis, as well as other alternative medicine therapies, are still fertile land for human imagination. The reality is that many of us have been healed, whether physically or psychologically, through these types of remedies. These treatments are based on the idea of overcoming your internal obstacles and discovering your own potential.

Thus, I have a DIFFERENT book to offer you: A book of fiction, in which the main character is a reputed hypnotist who also has ties to traditional medicine, and who discovers he had been completely wrong about the assumptions made within the area he has worked in for two decades. It’s also a book of fiction with content that is motivational and inspiring, without being a self-help book in the traditional sense. It is a book that I hope will awaken a curiosity inside each and every reader to find out more about their deeper selves.

If you are also interested in past life regression therapies, you will certainly find the book interesting. In fact, the question I get asked most often is: Is the book based on reality or fiction?

If you like Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel books, I think this book is sure to be one you’ll enjoy.

I hope the book helps to create more interest around hypnosis, and precisely because of that, here are some of the main sites where you’ll be able to find hypnotists, after all, don’t forget that hypnotism is also used in conventional medicine! Clinical hypnosis is already being used during operations to reduce pain. Have I caught your attention? Then find out more in the book!



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