My Identity Card

My Identity Card

My Identity Card

My name is Maria Inês Rebelo and I was born in Lisbon in 1985.

The first word I pronounced to the world was “light”, while pointing to the light bulbs on the kitchen ceiling. At the age of five, I remember being the last child in my class to manage to learn the consonants, to the great despair of my nursery school teacher. And, a few years later, I cried to my mother because I said, I could never write as fast as she could. So, with these three stories, the first lines of my relationship with words are written: I see them as a beautiful tumultuous poem.

Talking a bit more about my journey – or my identity card – , years later, I graduated in Law, and in my field of study, I published my non-fiction book, entitled “Voluntary work: a legal and social reflection”. It is about volunteering, too, that I talk and write here on my blog.

But, as I probably thought, that justice should be applied by the gods, I left this human task, with touches of the divine, to other human beings. 

The passion for reading and writing has always been with me, but it was from the age of twelve that I began to read compulsively. 

I still remember that turning point; it was a summer when I decided to start reading Jules Verne’s books, which had been sitting on my bookshelf for a long time. At the time, I encountered a language that was difficult for me, with a vocabulary that I didn’t know. Finishing reading the first book gave me such a great taste of victory that it was here that I began to gain real confidence with words. My trauma with consonants, after all, had finally been overcome. 

In 2019, the latest edition of my first fiction book “Hypnosis, The Return to the Past” came out. A short story accompanies the story, “The Light of Marva: the story before Jasmine”. The book, plus the short story, can be purchased here on the site, or through Amazon or Ingram Spark.

I read all kinds of books, but I particularly enjoy dystopian, fantasy, historical, crime and biography novels. As a writer, I tend to approach in my texts subjects related to spiritualism, consciousness and esotericism. I also like to add a dash of fantasy, mystery and history. 

In recent years I have dedicated myself to reading and learning more about the mind, consciousness and our spirituality.

These are themes that I cover, with a natural inclination, in my texts. I believe that the evolution of the human being is made by the soul and the spirit, and that the society in which we live puts rules and habits that restrict or override the human being’s ability to understand his purpose.

My aim, as a writer, is to give back that lost spirituality through a good story.

I would also like to announce, that in May my book “Hypnosis, The Return to the Past” will be published in Portuguese, through Gato Bravo Publisher: 

I like the idea that writers are a bit like wildcats: no matter how much you try to domesticate them, they will always be wild. 

If you want to learn more, please follow me on my social media network: Facebook and Instagram.

by Maria Inês Rebelo

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