How Crisis is reshaping Society?

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How Crisis is reshaping Society?

My first word: Welcome! 

This blog also has the purpose to think how this Covid-19 Pandemic is changing society, not just the book market.

It is more than obvious that communities have to rethink their response, for example – and above all – in the area of health. Let us imagine this: how can doctors and national health systems help to respond and help people with mental illness? How can this support be carried out without putting anyone’s life and health in danger? These are very important questions today, and they pose huge challenges because they are new in our modernity.

There are thousands of examples that go in a direction of showing that societies are trying to reinvent themselves, quickly, for a new world: not only factories that change their entire business structure to produce masks and disinfectants, but also doctors who have to make mass teleconsultations available to people with the most varied type of disease, who find in consultations and online monitoring, a viable way to be treated.

On this page for example – you can find updates on how UK society is tackling mental illness. Also on the same website, you can find useful tips for staying healthy at home, with a special focus on individuals with mental illness:

And in many similar sites, it is possible to see how the impact of Covid-19 is being addressed in certain types of populations: diabetics, those with chronic heart or respiratory problems, among many other examples.

In addition to the treatment to be given to all patients with Covid-19 it becomes essential to provide help and medical support for all other diseases: we have to remember that there is a whole other world, besides this Pandemic.

– by Maria Inês Rebelo

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