Endometriosis: a Cause that chose me

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Endometriosis: a Cause that chose me

Endometriosis – the disease that forces us to fight for OUR Women’s Status

If there is any disease for a woman that forces us to fight for what we are – Woman – Endometriosis is that disease.

In September 2018, I discovered in a routine examination (unusual), that I had endometriosis. I had a considerable-sized tumor, which was soon identified as a sign of having the disease. At that time, I was advised to look for a specialist doctor in Portugal, without knowing anything at all about what it was that I had been diagnosed with.

According to a clinical description “Endometriosis is the designation given to the clinical process in which the cells constituting the endometrium are outside their normal location, for example in the pelvic peritoneum, ovaries, bladder, appendix, intestines or even diaphragm.

Besides these forms, which manifest in the abdominal cavity, can, although more rarely, affect more distant organs such as the lung, nose or skin” (www.cuf.pt/saude-a-z/endometriose).

As for its prevalence, 10% of women of childbearing age have endometriosis, and this percentage is raised to 70% or 80% when there is pelvic pain. And this is a harsh reality for many women: pain caused by endometriosis.

It is an illness that causes pain frequently, making it impossible in extreme cases for women to develop a daily routine, and a regular personal and professional life. In some cases, it becomes impossible at all to have children, a sexual, social and working life. In other words, it does not kill us, but takes everything from us. A cruel disease, no doubt, that forces us to fight for all the existing labels:

– Woman Person

– Mother Woman

– Working Woman

– Woman Friend

– Woman.

Little is known yet about this disease. There are natural and clinical therapies (especially the use of the pill), which ease the symptoms. In my case, without ever suspecting in my life that I had the disease, I can confess that I had strong falls in energy, and in recent years, I had to take iron supplements almost always, before menstruation.

I decided to approach this Cause here, because I didn’t choose it: it chose me. And that means something to me. It means that in fact, in Life we have to fight for what we are, even if something tries to forcibly take away our identity. I think this Lesson is good for everything.

– by Maria Inês Rebelo


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