What is my Opinion about…?

What is my Opinion about…?


What is my Opinion about…?

Spirituality? Hypnosis? Past Life Therapy? Time travel? Alternative and holistic medicine? Body, mind and wellness?

In writing a novel about a hypnotist and his patient, I have shown the connection I feel to these themes – themes we would usually class under the “spirituality and wellness” section. For some, my book might even be considered a form of “motivational wellness fiction”, and there are those who might use some of the techniques they find in the book to find some inner peace.

In addition to empathy, I truly believe in spirituality, in the sense that we are not only made of matter, but also of soul. The great difficulty at times, in addressing issues related to the soul, is that we can’t see it. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “what is essential is invisible to the eye”. And it’s true. Although it’s also true is that we have a hard time believing in something we can’t see.

In the same way that I see the purpose of Law as to serve society, I see the purpose of Fiction as to serve people, and their well-being.
I am fascinated by the power of hypnosis and of Past Life Therapy, as means through which we access memories of a past that is long forgotten, but which defines us as individuals in the present. I think it’s amazing that we can go on this journey through time and space, by simply delving deeper into our minds. What secrets are still hidden beyond the limits of our consciousness?

Human beings are not just flesh and blood, but also a soul, which is precisely why I think we should keep our perspectives open. We shouldn’t dismiss alternative medicine and techniques when it comes to our health. Consider it. Haven’t many people been cured of various illnesses or addictions, through hypnosis? How many of you have found the peace you’ve been waiting for through hypnosis therapy? Chances are, what and who we are today was formed by a remarkable experience in a past life. It seems to me that spirituality recognizes the holistic interference of these factors in the construction of each soul.

These themes are open questions. And each one of us has our own opinion about each one. You are more than welcome to leave your comments here on the page or to contact me at: info@rebelomariaines.com.