The Genre of the Book

The Genre of the Book


The Genre of the Book

Writing and publishing any book forces us to fit it into a literary category, even if just for the sake of releasing the book onto the market (and therefore for commercial purposes). At one point or another, all writers need to answer the fundamental question: what is the literary genre of my book?

And the time has come for me to answer that question. In my previous articles, Hypnosis, a true story? and A Writer of fiction or non-fiction? I tried to show you some of the situations I found myself in once the book was published. Questions that made me think deeply about what I had written, and how my words were being interpreted by those who read them.

Literary categories are not watertight spaces. In fact, I think my Hypnosis book crosses several literary spaces and touches different elements within these spaces. That is why, when it comes to defining the literary genre of my book, I do not have a word that can synthesize everything the book expresses, but I can attempt to classify it nonetheless.

The book Hypnosis, A Return to the Past, can be most closely associated with the category of magical realism, touching genres such as the spiritual and the paranormal, but also sharing some characteristics with literary fiction, time-travel, and psychological romance.

Coming from a Latin country like Portugal, it’s understandable that I have been influenced by this literary genre, after all, magical realism, over time, has very much come to populate the imaginary of all Latin and South American countries. Again, it seems I find old habits hard to break. To this day I am mesmerised by our ability to align our reality with elements of fantasy as a way to elevate our dreams.

Magic realism is the perfect expression of what I think is a good philosophy of life: Bring a little magic to your life, and that’s when you’ll find your happiness!