What is my opinion about…?


Spirituality? Hypnosis? Past Life Therapy? Time Travel? Alternative and holistic medicine? Body, mind and well-being?

By writing a fictional story about hypnosis, I have almost unconsciously shown myself that I feel a connection to the themes we normally associate with spirituality, mystery and the occult. For some, my book might be considered a form of motivational novel, written by someone who writes about these topics, not necessarily by someone who is familiar with the spiritual techniques in vogue.

I believe in a spiritual perspective of life, because I think that we are not only made of matter, but that something more abstract exists, called “Soul”. The great difficulty, when we approach these topics, has everything to do with what each one of us, according to our beliefs and our experiences, believes, without needing to see. And, in this respect, we are all different. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote, “what is essential is invisible to the eye” and I deeply believe these wise words.


Sometimes, in life, we have to be guided by inspiration and take risks, listening to our sou

I am fascinated by the power of hypnosis and Past Life Therapy, as means by which we can access memories of a past long forgotten, but which define us as people in the present. I find it amazing that we can make this journey through time and space by simply diving deeper into our minds. Furthermore, I simply say, that I don’t understand anything about the technique used, but that it is well studied, when considered from the experts’ point of view. What secrets are still hidden beyond the limits of our consciousness?

If you want to know more about my opinion on these subjects (and others, among which, my Causes), you can always read my articles on the blog. By the way, on an issue as controversial and sensitive as past lives can be, I must suggest reading the book Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss. I am sure that many questions will arise after reading this book, and possibly a curiosity that you were not expecting may be awakened.


I finally invite you to explore my website and of course, if you are interested, to read my book Hypnosis, a Return to the Past. Share your opinion with me, I’d love to get your feedback! 😀