Water – the spiritual and creative energy of the world


Is Water a kind of spiritual flow?

There are those who say that water possesses a spiritual force capable of liberating creativity and imagination, but this is an idea that does not seem to convince the most sceptical. However, when we pay attention to spirituality from an early age (sometimes unconsciously), looking for meaning in all living things, we find ourselves interpreting silence, and in that silence, making some interesting discoveries about life. This is what happens to me.

Being an introspective person, who thinks and observes everything that goes on around me, I find myself deducing certain encounters with spirituality in a way that still amazes me. Among the thousands of questions that I have inside my head, and that will certainly accompany me throughout my existence, there is one in particular that I think about quite often: does water carry some kind of energy capable of activating our creativity?

To be able to talk to you a little about this subject, I have to go back to my past, to my childhood.


The relationship between my childhood and Water

I remember being little and already having a favourite water: “Vitalis”.

Only a little older did I learn that the water came from the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, where it was collected and bottled in the town of Castelo de Vide (Portugal), which is home of the factory that distributes it throughout the country. The village where, every summer, I spent my holidays.

We often imagine the Alentejo with its endless yellow and golden plains, with no water potential due to the dryness of the land. But this image does not correspond to reality, especially in this part of the Alto Alentejo.

What is fascinating about this region is its capacity to surprise us. We have to cross a vast plain to get to Portalegre (for those coming from Estremoz): it’s 70 km via the IP2 without seeing a soul and, for those travelling in a car without air conditioning in the summer, you will certainly know the torrid heat that has even erased the traffic signs on the road, leaving them illegible. This is the Alentejo that most of us know.

But when we get to the region of Portalegre and wind round the Serra de São Mamede, everything changes: the air becomes more breathable, everything is green and the vegetation doesn’t fit in the walls, once erected, in a past time.

To our surprise, we arrived in Castelo de Vide with the strange sensation, that a different creativity floods our soul. This is what I felt every summer when I spent my holidays here. I have never drawn so many beautiful pictures as in this town in Alentejo, never read so much as a result of the inspiration that this land brought me.

But after all, what secret was hidden here, so that something awoke inside me?

Many years later, I read somewhere that inspiration is carried by water. That this liquid potentiates our artistic and creative vein, that it washes away bad thoughts and regenerates the soul. I believe in all that.

I realised that I could read more, and draw better, in a place with water and that, having spent so many summers in Castelo de Vide, perhaps this had awakened in me a part of myself that I didn’t know: a piece of my soul. I think there is something true in this statement, because there are many artists who come to the Alto Alentejo region to live and work. Is it all a coincidence?

Even today, “Vitalis” water is still my favourite of all the waters that flow in Portugal. The whole area of Castelo de Vide has the right conditions with fresh streams and salutary threads of water running under the mountains. The air is flooded with a freshness, not very typical of the Alentejo.

I would also add, that a bath in Castelo de Vide, is different from a bath in Lisbon, in the capital. You feel here that your whole organism regenerates: your hair shines, your skin seems immaculate.

I would say, as a nature lover and spiritual being, to drink a glass of “Vitalis” water every day. Perhaps this will awaken in you, with surprise, a talent that you thought did not exist and that will certainly bring you a pleasure that you did not think you could experience.