My creative process – How letters become stories

Me and Writing

Today is a double-sided day: sunny and rainy. I took advantage of this Sunday morning, despite the bipolar weather, to come and write for coffee, with a well defined purpose: to present my creative process, of how letters become stories, for my new website.

Today’s weather can metaphorically translate well what the creative and mechanical process of writing a book, a short story or an autobiographical story is. Like all those who dedicate themselves to writing, I also slide between moments of inspiration and non-inspiration; in fact, we cannot expect anything else from life, because it is like the weather: sometimes it rains, sometimes it is sunny. It is in the middle of these two scenarios, and taking into account the air temperature, which can go up or down, that we achieve something very difficult, but very important to continue writing: discipline and resilience. Without these two elements, it is not possible to create a writing process, with continuity, over time. If we wait to be graced by divine inspiration, we will most likely never become a writer.

Me and Writing

The introduction to my text serves thus to deconstruct and demystify the role of inspiration in the life of an author, which despite its undeniable relevance, should be relativised by the simple fact that we are all human beings. It is in our own human existence that our greatest fragilities lie, and writing is, in this way, a mission that requires a commitment to others.

I take the task of writing about human feelings quite seriously. And perhaps because I have dedicated myself to research, in a life different from this one, I always have the need to do some research, on the subjects I write about. Because of this, my texts often have a historical context that requires me to go to the nearest library, or to read other books, technical and fiction, newspapers and magazines, that can open my horizon to the themes I am interested in exploring in my writing.

Me and Writing

This is what happened while I was writing “Hypnosis, the Return to the Past”. In Portuguese, I started with the book “Change your life with autohypnosis”, by Miguel Coco and I read passages of several other texts, also about hypnosis, in several libraries. I watched some videos on the subject, and from here my imagination began to flow naturally.

The aim of this research, unlike the one I used to do for Law, is all but to incorporate all the data into a story. In an unconscious way, what we read is engraved in our minds and it is, through these ideas, that we end up arriving at the “final product”.

However, having a job for eleven years, of eight hours a day, and having to deal with the adjustments that, at labour level, had to be implemented with the Pandemic, the truth is that it took a long time before “Hypnosis, the Return to the Past” was available to the readers, both in English and in Portuguese. For all those who cannot, definitively, dedicate themselves full time to writing, I think they understand well the difficulty in the articulation of these two roles: one more mechanical, which guarantees us income at the end of the month, and the other, of purification and evolution of the soul. This is simply called “Art”.

Moreover, all of us, without exception, feel the weight of life and the passing of the years well, which means that without discipline and resilience (and of course, a good dose of passion!), it will be difficult to dedicate ourselves to writing, or any other art form. It is precisely this persistence that, after a certain point, becomes crucial if we are to continue on this path.

Thus, my creative process begins with the notion that each new day is a new opportunity and that, however much the pandemic, the fears of losing my job and tiredness bring me despair, there is always a new day to come.

Continuing to read, being an assiduous reader, is also a way of “refreshing” myself and keeping this passion for books alive. Being surrounded by them is also a good way to get inspired, and a walk in nature, a hike or a trip, opens my horizons to new stories. I also enjoy sitting in the café on Sunday and observing people’s behaviour, because you discover incredible details about human nature. I feel like writing about them while I think about what plot I will create to bring them into focus.

The idea that our book can change someone’s life, for the better, is the ambition and dream of every writer. As our history well shows, what moves this world are ideas and imagination; it is these abstract, ethereal, abstract elements, which no one can see or touch, that are at the basis of our civilisational structure.

So, if any one of these words, gives someone encouragement or hope, then I will have already succeeded. Sometimes, we just have to demonstrate through writing, what is not very obvious: writing brings that clarity and consciousness, when everything is too confusing. It is, without a doubt, like a kind of balm that regenerates, appeases or amuses us.

Me and Writing

This is the purpose of my creative process, through writing: to dissect human nature and show our contradictions, our dissidences and our irrationality.