My Blog – my Identity Card

My refuge where I talk about Books, Spirituality, causes that move me and current affairs

In my Blog, I intend to create a digital identity card.

Now, our ID Card is much more than a photograph, our place and date of birth, our parents’ names and our tax identification. In fact, I don’t think there’s anyone who has met anyone else, just by reading their ID card. But if we add a few more pieces to it, maybe we can already guess the shapes of its spirit.

Why write about such different subjects?

When this website was created, I decided that I didn’t just want to present my products: my books and my stories. So that those on the other side, know a little more about me, and what leads me to address certain topics in my writing, early on I started writing loose thoughts, to put together in a blog.

As you may notice, I write on very different subjects in my articles: from the books I read to the Causes I defend.

I have had the opportunity to discover magnificent books, which not only tell beautiful stories, but are also a wise reflection on life and our spirituality. I therefore insist on mentioning them here on my blog. About them, I give my opinion and express my feelings after reading them.

Then I have the Causes that I defend, such as Endometriosis and Autism: complex diseases, which are born with us, and which deserve greater sharing of information and collective awareness.

The themes are not exhaustive, for those who reflect deeply on Soul and Spirituality, therefore, you will also find in my Blog, varied reflections on: holistic, spiritual and energetic therapies, which help us to overcome our fears, or to find a piece of our happiness. Among other issues, related to spirituality, the occult and the supernatural.

Finally, you will be able to read some of my articles about the Covid-19 Pandemic that has reshaped our world: there is now a before and an after that we cannot ignore. The Pandemic not only implies reflecting on the purposes of our existence, as it has changed the way of making / and presenting Art. We cannot ignore, in the current moment we live – absolutely historical – what all the changes in our way of life will bring about our own existence.

A Blog is a dynamic space, which changes color and decor very often. Therefore, I intend to share here certain thoughts and loose ideas about the themes I have just mentioned and many others. It is a connection that I intend to establish with the Other, knowing in advance that, little by little, I am building my Identity Card here.

I want to be known for what I am. And what I am – or rather, what we are – is too complex to explain in a succinct biography of a few lines. We are, all of us, without exception, an amalgamation of different experiences that acquire a certain dimension within us, which each one interprets in their own way. We have this freedom, and I intend to make the most of it.

Where It All Started: My first fiction book

My first fiction book entitled “Hypnosis, the Return to the Past” is the first material demonstration of my interest in spirituality and human nature. Writing the book led me to seek information about alternative medicines and how they can help us to heal our inner wounds. I realized that this is an open door that, little by little, is being unveiled to all those who are starting to take an interest in these themes.

Here you will also find references to another book I wrote and published a few years ago, which is the result of my work on the legal and social aspects of volunteering. This is a topic that I also intend to bring to this blog, because volunteer work is nowadays widely applied to various activities, and it is vitally important. Volunteering does not generate money, but it does generate social dynamics that manage to reorganize society and individuals: and, for that, there is no price.

So, I can say, introspecting, that I am interested in all those topics, on which we cannot attribute a monetary value, but which, in themselves, have the potential to change societies, and people.

It is people and their unique dynamics that interest me.

It is human nature that dictates behaviour, fashions, trends and the way we interconnect; once the bond of spirituality with other human beings, and above all, with ourselves, is broken, the door is opened to dehumanisation and alienation.

I sincerely hope that in this Blog, you can find a soul who also understands your Voice.