“Message from the other side of the world” by Marlo Morgan


The Encounter with the True People – a secret message

I bought a very interesting book, called “Message from the other Side of the World” by Marlo Morgan, in a solidarity bookshop in Portugal (Livraria Solidária de Carnide). It is a story that captivated me from the first moment.

The book tells the experience of an American doctor called Marlo Morgan who unwittingly embarks on a four-month expedition through the Australian desert. Her only travelling companions are a nomadic tribe of aborigines who make themselves known by the name of the “True People”. This unexpected adventure for Marlo reveals to her the teachings of a long-forgotten Universal Truth that holds the mysteries about man’s spiritual perception and his relationship with his environment.

From the natives, Marlo received the name “Mutant”. This is the name given to all those who have turned away from spiritual and emotional understanding of life to a life of material and superfluous interests.


Do the aboriginal tribes keep some Universal and Secret Truth?

Although the existence of nomadic and aboriginal tribes is a reality in various parts of Africa and North and South America, the same does not happen in Europe. We Europeans are still unaware of, and do not know about, all the issues concerning the defence and protection of tribal culture. But it is precisely for this reason that I recommend reading this book.

Individually, many of us feel, more and more, a spiritual disconnection in relation to life.

I believe that the aboriginal tribes, far away from the big urban centres and the life routines that destroy our spirituality, keep ancestral wisdoms. Empirical experiences about wisdom, truth, soul, divine, nature, senses and sensations that, for most of us, are part of a way of being in life, and of perceiving life, that has been lost.


What secrets do you discover on a journey through the desert?

Marlo Morgan is a doctor who embarked on a four-month expedition through the Australian desert with a nomadic tribe. Interesting too, that in the United States, she is a doctor of preventative medicine. One day, she decides to embark on a journey to Australia, and then she realises, already in this territory, that the generation of aboriginal native descendants are condemned to poverty and social exclusion.

This is the reason why Marlo Morgan starts a project of social insertion of these populations, which will call the attention of the “True People”.

A meeting with these native people takes place after the doctor meets their interpreter, called Ooota. Separated from this tribe when he was still a baby, Ooota will be raised in the city, but will then return to his origins 16 years later.

We realise, even in the early stages of the story, that Marlo Morgan has a purpose to fulfil in the world, which he does not yet know.

The American doctor starts a trek with the tribe through the arid Australian desert, where food and water are scarce. She learns from the “True People” that Man has forgotten to use his senses and that he has relegated the use of sensory perception to second place.

The moments that Marlo describes in these episodes in the desert are exciting: through telepathy the tribe is able, for example, to find water in one of the most arid places on the planet. A bird guides them all the way and in silence they try to feel the messages of life, so that the Soul can evolve to a higher stage.

Each person in this tribe is born with one name, and dies with another. This is because, depending on the vocations of each one, some of these people will use symbolic names like: Keeper of Secrets, Keeper of Memories, Time Keeper, Medicine Man, Healing Woman, Great Stone Hunter, Sister of the Birds Dream, among other beautiful names. I found one of them delightful: Purveyor of Happiness!

Now I challenge you, in your thoughts, to think of a name that defines you, your talents and your sensations.


What is the fate of Marlo Morgan?

For this tribe, the “Mutants”, like Marlo Morgan, are addicted to form, and have forgotten the Divine Oneness. They do not believe in that which is invisible to their eyes, and have turned away from the consciousness of the world.

Marlo Morgan then realises that she has been given a task. To be the Messenger of the “True People” who entrust her with their future purposes: to stop reproducing, to disappear from the face of the planet. This same Earth that shelters them, gives them nourishment for their souls and bodies, and that is being destroyed by Man, the “Mutants”!

In the very words of this People that we consider primitive, we also feel the future of Humanity:

“There is time to stop the destruction of the planet, but we can no longer help you. Our time is up. Already the rainfall pattern has changed, the heat has increased and we have seen years of reduced reproduction of plants and animals. We can no longer provide human forms for spirits to inhabit, for soon there will be no water or food here in the desert”

What do these words sound like to you? They sound like wise words, coming from the people of an Australian tribe that will cease to exist in a few decades.

We have much to learn from this ancient wisdom, which seems so primitive and out of place, but which reminds us who the “Mutants” are: those who dumped their Soul and Spirit, somewhere, out there, in a hot desert.

Today there is a spiritual crisis. A crisis that can only be fought if we regress to our deepest senses. And for this, the coexistence of aboriginal tribes in this modern world must be defended and protected. They are the ones who keep the secret of the universal laws, of the Divine Unity and of the Meaning of ourselves.

We will undoubtedly have to go back to the beginning of everything and relearn how to be human.