Is the book’s story true?


After some people had read the book “Hypnosis, the Return to the Past”, in its draft version, and another, in a more definitive version, there were those who asked the question, if this was a true story?

Just to summarise, the essential aspects of the book: Marcus Belling is a famous hypnotist who one day receives the mysterious Anne Pauline in his medical office. During several hypnosis sessions, in which she undergoes Regression Therapy, she discovers that she can interact and communicate with some of the people who were part of her different past lives. Even, inclusively, alter events from the past.

Curious to know if I’ve picked up some hidden secret that most of us don’t know about?

I’ll begin by telling you that when I was looking for an editor in Portugal to publish the book, I presented the outline of the story (still very embryonic) to someone to see if it had literary and market potential. At the time (some years ago), the first pages began, in that old version, with a letter from hypnotist Marcus Belling to the National Association of Hypnosis. When this person, who worked in the publishing market, read the draft, she immediately realised a strange coincidence. She then said to me thus: «Have you noticed that this letter is dated December 1? Today is the 1st of December». And then she asked me, as if one question led to another: «Is this story true?». I looked at what he had written, incredulous at the coincidence, but also, at the content of the second question. Had I written something so realistically framed that it seemed possible that people could actually communicate with those who had been part of their past lives?

I noticed, after a while, that the question seemed to be a recurring one from some people, who were probably curious to know if the story was based on true events.


First of all, I have never been hypnotised, although I have been hypnotised online. That is, it was an attempt to somehow get into a hypnotic trance, but it was an experimentmade some years after I wrote the book “Hypnosis, the Return to the Past”. I don’t know of anyone who has been able to communicate with people from their past lives, or to alter events from that past, through Regression. Nor have I ever heard of people, or seen documentaries, reporting this ability. Despite the realistic nature that some people may sense in the story, it is all a result of my imagination. If this is one day possible, then I consider that we would be facing an enormous power, which would certainly be aspired by many (just like Josef Salvaterra in the story).


I am pleasantly surprised, however, that my words resonated to such an extent that they made you think that the outlines of the story, might come from something real. Still, if you know of anyone who can interact with people from their past lives, please keep the secret: something as powerful and enviable as that gift, should remain part of anyone’s private world.