When we receive at home the book we have written

Me and Writing

“That moment” when we hold it in our hands

It’s not every day you have a child. It’s not every day you plant a tree. It’s not every day that you write a book and, for that very reason, the moment when you receive it at home, after so many years or months of work, is something special and unique.

The first time I had the experience of receiving in my hands, the book I wrote, was in January 2015, when I published “The Voluntary Work: a legal and social reflection”. I was 29 years old and I thought this was a good age, to have my first book published, especially for someone like me, who has always loved reading and writing, and who has waited many years, to make this dream come true.

The second time I went through this “motherhood”, was in 2017 when I received the author’s edition of my first fiction book “Hypnosis, the Return to the Past” and it happened again, now in May 2021, with the publication of the Portuguese version, by Editora Gato Bravo. For me, it has been a hard and uncertain path, in which each decision has led me, sometimes to failure, sometimes to success.

Me and Writing

When we move from the abstract world to the real world

It is very difficult and sometimes hard, the path we walk from the moment we project the first idea of a book, until the material concretization of the street, when the Publishing House sends us the copies to our homes.

We have to understand that, for years or long months, that story was locked up in someone’s mind without anyone having access to it and even when the first words are written, everything is stored in the immaterial plane of the new technologies. Moreover, one hardly writes a book by hand anymore, so the feeling that one is working in the abstract, without physical notions, can be perpetuated in time for a long time. The physical absence of paper in this modern writing process means that “holding a book in your hands for the first time” acquires a strong emotional element!

I believe we should open a bottle of champagne when we receive the book we wrote at home. And we should celebrate it joyfully, preferably with a romantic dinner or a family dinner, and then, with those who walk by our side, we should crush the memories of the years that filled the imagination and the writing of that book.

Me and Writing

Celebrate success, without forgetting failure

It is indeed not for nothing that it is said, that there is no success without failure. You never get it right the first time, you never learn to write a masterpiece the first time (if you can ever call one of your own works that) and it takes years of reading, writing and researching to reach a level of quality that will satisfy the most dissatisfied of writers.

I think, deep down, dissatisfaction is necessary here, and part of the journey of all those who love words. We can love a book, but still not be satisfied with it. We can be grateful that we finally have it in our hands, but we can and should always be thirsty for the next one to come along to improve what is not simply a profession – it is a mission.