Self-publishing or self-editing – my experience

Me and Writing

The risk of a difficult path

It’s difficult to summarize in a blog article, all the events and experiences I’ve had in the last 4 or 5 years, in the self-publishing field (self-publishing will be the most used term outside Portugal) from my fiction book “Hipnosis, the Return to the Past”. What I can say, is that any path in the area of ​​writing and publishing books is, by standard, quite lonely, and requires great resilience.

So, before moving on to my own history in this field, I must first warn, that we have to accept the solitude of this path if we want to be part of it. is part of the process, discovering human nature through silence, and not having us, people who believe with strong faith in our success. We all know that the market for book is in crisis, and it is difficult to survive on the potential income that can be earn from writing. Therefore, any step in this direction will always be a risk.

Me and Writing

How it all began

Based on this assumption, and knowing that I would be walking an even more path hard, than I could ever imagine, I knew early on that I wanted to publish my book first in English, and make it available to the world’s biggest retailers: Amazon and Ingram Spark. For this, I delivered the translation and proofreading of the text to several people, until get a final product, which the final reader would like to read. Only this phase, until it gets improved, it took a long time. The next step would be to find a company of self-publishing outside Portugal, to help me place the book in the markets that intended. I found this company in London.

The I AM Self-Publishing, directed by the two brothers, helped me in the process of transformation of my text into a true author’s edition book: thus came the cover of the seagull, and the files that were used to open accounts on Amazon and Ingram Spark. It is indeed a pity, that these large North American online markets, that allow to have the books in a physical and digital version, only publish books in English. In this regard, we are still a long way from achieving democratization in access authors to these new possibilities in the online area.

Me and Writing

The emergence of the Pandemic

Naturally, it was unaware of the emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2017. It may have been an intuition that led me to take this winding path and that forced me to discover all the procedures for the publication of the book, outside Portugal, but The truth is this: online has definitely gained ground over offline. It’s a trend that will increase in the coming years.

It is impossible to recount here, in detail, the failures and frustrations I felt during all this process, but you can be sure that they existed. It was with them that I learned to move forward, to discover a difficult, competitive market that is not open to all wallets. What we can or cannot do also depends, and a lot, on the investment that we are willing (and what we can!) to do in this area.

I think that with the Pandemic, the time has come for us to give – or to give again – the due value to books. As has been well proven, they are the ones who help us travel to other worlds, when we don’t have this possibility, and that teach us, when there isn’t no one around us to teach us. This alone has enormous power, over which we rarely think.

Me and Writing

Books – a light on the horizon

If you have the chance, now that we’re all more confined to the house, fill it up that empty wall in front of you of books. Believe me, you will feel more accompanied, and it will give you a great pleasure to read and know what is fantastic about publishes around: there are millions of books at our disposal, to satiate our curiosity, and our taste for the most varied themes (fiction and non-fiction).

Let’s go?