Past Life Regression

Me and Writing

Write a past life fiction book

You may not believe it, but it took me much longer to solidify certain ideas in relation to spirituality and past lives, than writing my first book of fiction on this subject “Hypnosis, The Return to the Past”.

This happens because at a certain point in life, we unconsciously connect to a theme that, we already know, is part of our natural tendency to write and think, but that still being cloudy in our mind, it needs to mature, until it allows us a approach and perspective that, intimately, makes sense to us.

Although in subjects as complex and abstract as spirituality, perhaps never we reach the maturity and personal evolution necessary to fully understand, it’s true that the years can give a certain clarity to these reflections. I write to you, therefore, about past lives with the lucidity and humility that all my life experience, and study allow me.

Me and Writing

Spirituality and Past Lives

It may be unusual to write a fiction book about past lives, but it is much less common to find people spread across the five continents, who say they have memories of having had past lives, or of reporting experiences to us, that put into it causes what we think we know about consciousness, and human existence.

The cases of communication with the spiritual world, abstract and distant, which is not us visible to the eye, but which is demonstrated through experiences and signs, which are incomprehensible to the eyes of a logical and rational society, they are immense. I could talk about near-death (or NDE) experiences, past life recall, communication with the deceased and the development of other extra- -sensory and paranormal, occupying thousands of sheets in files and testimonies which, in my opinion, we should not ignore. As skeptical as we may be, in regarding many of these topics, let us not forget that there are millions of people (some of them, “old skeptics”), who have had incredible and inexplicable experiences.

These millions of people have a voice, if we are to hear them. The emotion and the depth with which they speak of these events, allow to trace the existence of two worlds, two communicating vessels that we have not yet fully accepted: this world physical and material and, another, spiritual, where our soul and conscience survive. It is not little thing; quite the contrary.

It is from this spiritual world – which, by the way, has some difficulty in communicating with us in a language we can understand – that these “phenomena inexplicable”, and which, at the limit, can open the door to the mystery of life and death. It’s here that is kept the secret of how our souls, transit from one place to the other and how these questions of spirituality connect with each other.

Me and Writing

The difficulty in communication

So we have this spiritual world, which tries to communicate with our earthly world and spiritual, but which encounters a major obstacle: as we hardly believe in anything that we don’t see, immediately we don’t understand this subliminal communication, made of a puzzle.

It is impossible to decode signals from the beyond, or from the spiritual world, through the rigorous criteria that science uses to quantify its data. You can’t measure something like that, because we don’t have the tools to do it; it’s like asking a writer to translate a mathematical formula into a novel.

So what are we left with? Attentive eyes and heart and a good dose of intuition. If there is any field where we should use our intuition, this is it. Intuition comes with this human package for some reason, and it’s also not a coincidence that it has a name: it serves to sense as truth, an event or happening that our norms cannot validate as right or existing.

For now, these questions of spirituality and past lives are still part of our personal beliefs, and we can only hope to find some answers if we keep our minds open. At least that’s what I feel.