“Diseases are the consequences of incorrect behaviour”

Pandemic, health and reflections

Bioenergetics is a therapeutic system that studies the way emotions influence the body. Alexander Lowen conceived this system and identified the existence of a vital energy in all living organisms, called “prana”. We are therefore at the heart of what is known as energy and vibrational medicine: a path to spiritual healing.

Have I managed to attract your attention?

Recognising that all living beings have a vital and energetic body, that the human being is a unit of consciousness, here interacting different energy fields, illness is thus seen as the consequence of a clash between different levels of consciousness.

Thus, the healing of illness through bioenergetics is done through the use of stimuli such as light, colour, sound, shapes, figures, electromagnetic fields and mental images.

If we accept that a lack of love, for example, is the hidden cause of many ailments and pains, then bioenergetics can help, because it has the potential to heal the body through the understanding of emotions. I personally understand this as the most complete psychosomatic approach to the human body (in its physical and spiritual aspects) and as Jorge Carvajal points out, 50% of illnesses do in fact have a psychosomatic cause!

Pandemic, health and reflections

After all, what can bioenergetics do for the well-being of the soul?

“Diseases are the consequences of incorrect conduct”. The sentence is taken from the book “Bioenergetic Pathways: an art of healing”, by Jorge Carvajal. The author is a medical doctor, researcher and teacher and has dedicated himself to the study and practice of a wide range of alternative therapies, such as Acupuncture, Neural Therapy, Floral and Ayurvedic Medicine, specialising in Bioenergetics.

For those who have read my book “Hypnosis, A Return to the Past” know that I discuss the duality between conventional and alternative medicine and particularly, the issue of magnetic therapy that is used by Marcus Belling to cure Anne Pauline. It therefore made perfect sense to address these issues in my blog. By the way, and referring to the figures given by Jorge Carvajal, in 1990, 425 million consultations to alternative therapies were carried out in the United States, a figure much higher than the consultations for conventional medicine.

Obviously these figures need to be updated, but we would be incredulous with the exponential increase of alternative medicine sessions in the world. In fact, today there is a new way of looking at illness and how it relates to the spirit. So, I absolutely agree with the statement that “illnesses are the consequences of incorrect conduct”, which is very true!

Pandemic, health and reflections

The book has very wise words. I would like to point out this little excerpt:

“When we speak, the strings of our consciousness vibrate; when we listen, we hear how sound reveals the instrument of our body. Thought and feeling captured in sounds, the word is the therapeutic melody par excellence. It accompanies, forgives, consoles. When it springs from man, the word is a song to life, it is the incarnation of a healing force”.

I could not agree more with these words. The word heals, perhaps more than many medicines and that is why it is magical and unique. The word exerts this dominating power on our souls and represents, without doubt, a healing therapy.

In this respect, there is an association that supports the homeless in Portugal, which tries to console the solitude of these people through words (Associação VOX). After all, how do they use words to heal the soul?

According to VOX, “The VOXLisbon Association is based on the perspective that health is not only practised by health professionals, but by each citizen. For this, it proposes to use company and dialogue as an addition to therapeutic tools, promoting effective listening that facilitates the building of bridges to the rest of the community. Above all, it seeks and develops support and ideas that can improve the quality of life of the people it accompanies”.

Pandemic, health and reflections

The power of faith and convictions:

Also in the research to write my book “Hypnosis, A Return to the Past”, I had the opportunity to deal with many of these issues. I would like to use the following examples from Jorge Carvaja to think about the power of words and emotions on our health:

      • Is there a place in consciousness from which the course of a terminal illness can be reversed?
      • Is there an attitude towards life that favours the cure of incurable illness?
      • Is there a vital purpose in illness? Do we have anything to learn from it?
      • Is illness an opportunity to grow and to find meaning in life?

I think we should all take time and think wisely about these questions. They are fundamental for us to better understand if there is any truth in saying that faith and conviction do indeed give health.