The Jellyfish


When Rachel was born, her mother decided that she could not have any cuddly toy to hold onto at night. She thought from the first moment of birth that
her daughter was too shy and tearful, and that to prepare her for the
challenges of life, soft toys would only get in the way of the tough education she wanted
to give her.
The father, on the other hand, never understood the mother’s decision. Every time he
bought a cuddly toy for Rachel, her mother would immediately go to her daughter’s room and
throw it in the rubbish bin. This attitude of her mother created great sadness and anger in
Raquel, who never understood why she could not have her own stuffed toys like all the
other children.
One day, Rachel saw a lovely orange cuddly toy with a big bear’s head on
sale in a shop. She begged her father to buy it, and he did. But the
little girl’s happiness was short-lived, because soon her mother went into her room and threw it in the bin.
Rachel cried for days on end, and her father decided to take her to see the sea, to cheer her up.

“How big
the sea is, Dad!” she exclaimed with excitement.

And it was – very, very big. Suddenly,
to her great astonishment, something orange appeared in the water floating and it was very similar,
to the last stuffed animal her mother had thrown away. Raquel shouted, “dad, dad, look, the
teddy is back!” she exclaimed. “Mum, after all, threw it overboard, and it came back!”. Soon,
thousands of orange jellyfish appeared in the water, and flooded the beach. The father said
to his darling daughter, “Rachel, all these stuffed animals are for you.
Today Rachel is a fantastic diver. Every day, she swims to the coral reefs, and the ocean offers her a gift, which she dreams about every night. The sea
never lets her fall asleep alone.