A Return to the Past

Maria Inês Rebelo – Visionary Fiction
Hypnosis – A Return to the Past fiction novel. A magical realism book. A novel of Magic or Realism? Or both? Buy now!

Visionary Fiction - Maria Inês Rebelo - Author of the book Hypnosis, A Return to the Past


A Return to the Past

Visionary Fiction - Maria Inês Rebelo - Author of the book Hypnosis, A Return to the Past

Author of the Book Hypnosis, A Return to the Past and The Light of Marva, the Story before Jasmine

Just a few brief words about me and my work.

I was born in Lisbon, Potugal, in 1985, and have a Law degree. It wasn’t, however, a legal career that I ended up following, perhaps because I thought, that justice is “something for the gods”.

For me, telling a story to describe human nature can have more influence on Humanity than some of the most aggressive marketing techniques. It is this spirit of public mission, which also exists in writing, that captivates me.

Besides that, it won’t be exaggerated to say, that writing helped me to overcome certain obstacles, to heal certain wounds, and deep down, to become the person I am today. That, I owe to the books.

“Hypnosis, A Return to the Past” ist my first fiction book.

The book tells the story of a famous hypnotist called Marcus Belling who is faced with a new approach to hypnosis when he meets a new patient, Anne Pauline Roux. She keeps a great secret and a big power when hypnotized over the Past Live Therapy. Someone wants to take advantage of this power. Will Anne Pauline be able to survive herself to this time travel? Will Marcus Belling be the same hypnotist after meeting Anne Pauline?

In today’s world, where we all suffer from the consequences of Covid-19 Pandemic, and where health issues are being discussed on a global level, I think this could be an opportunity to rethink medical fiction, with another look.  Hypnosis is just one of many techniques used in alternative medicine, but it’s been gaining more and more followers.

After all, this is a circular system: conventional medicine needs alternative medicine and vice versa.

I would also like to announce that, very soon, the book will be published in Portuguese through Gato Bravo Publisher. Their wonderful books can be seen here: https://www.editoragatobravo.pt/
The Grato Bravo (in fact, all writers have a bit of that wildcat spirit) is an independent publishing house, which produces books in print and digital mode. They have offices in Portugal and in Brasil.

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Visionary Fiction - Maria Inês Rebelo - Author of the book Hypnosis, A Return to the Past

Hypnosis, A Return to the Past

Maria Inês Rebelo, Author of the Book Hypnosis, A Return to the Past and The Light of Marva, the Story before Jasmine

Visionary Fiction – A hypnosis fiction novel. A magical realism book. A novel of Magic or Realism? Or both? Find more!



ABOUT Hypnosis, A Return to the Past

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking an interest in this page!

My name is Maria Inês Rebelo, I’m Portuguese, and in addition to being an avid reader of several literary genres, I have also written 3 books: two fiction (one of which is a short spin-off of the “main book”) and one non-fiction.

First publication Hypnosis: A Return to the Past

In 2017, I self-published the book Hypnosis: A Return to the Past through the I AM Self-Publishing service, along with a short tale (which comes free when you buy the main book) entitled The Light of Marva: The Story Before Jasmine. Both books are currently available here. BUY NOW

After an intense review and having read the kind comments made by readers, the book was re-published in 2018. Finally, in 2019 came out the 3rd revised edition of the book, which is the current one on sale. Through this site you can find out more about the story, its characters and get answers to the questions most frequently asked by readers.

In my experience as a reader, I have observed that it is not very common to find fiction books centered around medical subjects, or in any way related to our physical and psychological/mental health. How many main characters in books are, for example, doctors, nurses, psychologists or osteopaths? How many stories take place in a hospital? These locations are far more common in the movies and television series than in the books. I believe in fiction that serves people, their well-being, their entertainment, but also their soul.

Therefore, I ask you this:

  • Would you like to find a different, challenging, somewhat provocative, critical book?
  • Are you interested in inspirational and/or spiritual fiction?
  • Do you feel enthusiastic about time-travel stories?
  • Do you have an interest in hypnosis or past life regression therapy (or other alternative medicine topic)?
  • Are you curious about alchemy and reincarnation?

In conclusion, if you’re looking for something a bit DIFFERENT to read then you might just have come to the right place.

The Light of Marva: The Story before Jasmine


Jasmine and her friend will go through different paths in Marva – from old coffee-smuggling routes to caves and mines, from a church where a shepherd once saw a star, to the ramparts of a warrior…

Maria Inês Rebelo

The book awards - Visionary Fiction

The book has collected some awards that we quote here:


Book Excellence Award Finalist (Inspirational Fiction)


INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD Winner (Visionary Fiction)


Book Finalist in the 13th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards


Book Finalist and Winner in the American Fiction Awards


Readers´Favorite Honorable Mention in Time Travel Fiction genre


IAN Book of the Year Awards (“Outstanding Paranormal/Supernatural” category Winner)

LEARN MORE about Hypnosis, A Return to the Past

Since the book was released, lots of readers have shared their personal views about it with me. Most of these reviews (and I read all of them) were reasonable, sensible questions about the story itself, questions that I knew needed answers, but that I never got round to answering – it never seemed like the right place, or the right time.

And then, suddenly, I felt a need to create my very own webpage. So, let’s get down to it, what were all these questions about?

Every single one was very reasonable. Common ones included: Is my book, Hypnosis, fiction or non-fiction? Is the story based on real events? Have I ever been hypnotised? Did I wanted to share a personal experience with my readers?

Above all, readers seemed to get a feeling, something you might even call intuition – they felt that unknown phenomenon that happens when you’re hypnotised… the descriptions in the book felt somehow… real.

But I won’t give it all away just yet.

TRAILER "Hypnosis" A Return to the Past

If you like Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel books, I think this book is sure to be one you’ll enjoy.